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Ask anyone dealing with eczema what their biggest frustration is and I can almost guarantee that lack of knowledge of what has brought on a flare-up is right there at the top of the list.

This week is World Allergy Week. The year’s focus, Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema: An Itch that Rashes couldn’t be more relevant to our eczema community.

Daily I read parents desperate accounts of skin that was fine one day and out of control the next. As an eczema community dealing with this condition, we all have the same ultimate goal – to find out as individuals what sets our eczema off.

Eczema causes known as triggers vary from person to person, they can change with the seasons and can vary over time. What was it that could have been the trigger this time is an almost impossible question to answer.  Was it a new food, an environmental allergen, something in a skin product we used? The list is endless.

For World Allergy Week this week, The World Allergy Organization (WAO) will be addressing the need for greater awareness and understanding of atopic dermatitis including the role of food allergy as well as quality of life concerns, new treatment options, the socio-economic burden and the importance of skin care. All very relevant topics for our community which you may find useful to follow. In fact, WAO is asking that all allergy communities help share their messages to spread the word about living with allergies and this year particularly, about living with eczema.

At Happy Little Bodies, we can’t stress enough the importance of ongoing skin care management.

Our Happy Little Bodies eczema product range is a regimen of care for the very youngest of sufferers. The range covers daily cleansing and moisturising needs and flare-up treatment using effective, gentle, non-irritating, steroid free products.

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