how to treat baby eczema

Learn how to treat baby eczema

How to treat baby eczema? The incidence of eczema is most common in infancy where it occurs in around 1 in 5 children under 2 years of age. Although some children will completely outgrow their eczema, most will continue to have the tendency for dry and sensitive skin into adulthood.

The key to living with eczema is effective treatment and management.

Whilst severe eczema often requires the use of steroids, often times mild to moderate eczema can be managed with non-steroidal treatment. The obvious downfall of using steroids is that this type of treatment needs to be stopped and started whereas if eczema is managed with the use of effective non-steroidal products including creams, lotions and washes, the regimen of care can be ongoing with no need for breaks.

Parents particularly of babies and young children are often inclined to want to stay away from the use of steroids and thus are looking to their local pharmacy for products suggestions and help to manage the condition. Some basic tips which you can share:

  • Moisturize often to keep skin well hydrated
  • Avoid hot baths as these can dry out the skin
  • Bath with a nourishing soap and SLS free cleanser
  • Gently pat dry after bathing
  • Moisturize immediately after bathing whilst skin is damp
  • Continue to moisturize even when there is no visible eczema
  • Make use of cotton clothing and bedding
  • Do not overheat children with eczema

Amit Saha

Pharmacist and Group Technical Manager, Happy Little Bodies


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